The Packaging Innovations event is an annual event that brings different industry practitioners together to share knowledge, interact with each other and network. This year’s event, like its predecessor, took place at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham. This event connects people from all nooks and crannies of the industries including beauty, food, packaging and the likes together which allows for alliances to be built and arrangements made.

This year’s event was by all accounts, a huge success. This is because previously set records were smashed. Some of the successes recorded at this year’s event include the sourcing of solutions to problems being experienced by packaging buyers and specifiers, the comparison of offerings by different suppliers which gives a better idea of the market price of products and helped packaging buyers and specifiers choose better options, the provision of solutions to current challenges embattling them as well as an avenue to network with their colleagues in other parts of the industry.

This year’s event featured 6 different shows and more than 300 of the industry’s foremost suppliers. This provided an avenue for buyers to meet with and discuss with different suppliers thereby affording them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with what each supplier was offering and as already mentioned, compare offerings. The event also had free-to-attend seminars where visitors could hear industry movers and shakers including innovators and policy influencers speak on core issues affecting the industry today.

One of the highlights of the Packaging Innovations 2019 event was “The Big Plastics Debate” which held on the two days of the event and featured cerebral discussions on arguably the biggest pollution problem the planet is facing today. The debate explored such themes as sustainability among other things. The success of this debate, along with the organisation of several networking events among other things contributed to the eventual success of the event.

Attendees of this event had the opportunity to hear from industry experts from companies such as Coca-Cola, Innocent, Nestle and so on.

We, on our part, used this event to showcase our new device, the REINER jetStamp 1025 which looks is innovative and looks promising enough to change the face of the industry and how certain things are being done. The REINER jetStamp 1025 which was manufactured in Germany is a mobile marking device. This device can print several images including continuous 1-D and 2-D barcodes, date, time, graphics, numbers and even texts up to a height of about 25mm. This marking device has features, the likes of which set it apart from other devices. It possesses an integrated display as well as an integrated print head seal which renders it independent and 100% mobile. It also has enough juice to last for at least 1000 printing rounds. And yes, it can print at a speed of a print per second.

This marking device, the REINER jetStamp 1025, provides the possibility of connection to a windows-based program, a merchandise management system as well as a barcode label software depending on the user’s whim and wishes. It utilises MP ink which makes it suitable for printing on a variety of surfaces such as plastic, fabric, paper, cardboard, and metal among others. All you need to do to start printing is to transfer your already made impression (either from your PC or any other medium) to the device using a USB cord, Bluetooth or using an SD card.

The REINER jetStamp 1025 comes with the PCset graphic software which allows the user an opportunity to create his/her own print images. This marking device promises to change the face of printing in the packaging industry.

The Packaging Innovations show provided us with an opportunity to showcase this amazing new device to prospective customers as well as industry experts who appeared quite impressed and had glowing reviews as to the impact the device will have on the packaging industry.

You can preorder our new product HERE.