The REINER jetStamp 790

Flexible handheld printing, for businesses on the go

The jetStamp 790 provides a marking solution for businesses ranging from offices and warehouses (where sales order processing management is key to successful operations) to food, drink or even cosmetic manufacturers. As well as having fully customisable text settings, it can perform automatic numbering and produce real-time dates and times.

Perfect for printing batch codes, automatic numbering, best before dates, and live times onto produce.

This jetStamp series is capable of printing onto uneven surfaces, and is suitable for porous materials making it perfect for printing on to curved cardboard, corrugated card and paper.

Handheld mains or battery operated, this range is fully portable and with up to 29 different prints at your disposal means you can use one printer for a variety of jobs and departments.

What advantages are there for you?

  • Up to 2 lines of print
  • Character size 3.2mm
  • Up to 20 characters per line
  • Unique self-traversing print head
  • Simple menu guidance through LCD display
  • There are 25 stored print images with an additional 4 fully customised images
  • Weight 470g

Sample print