The REINER jetStamp 970 Graphic

A picture paints a thousand words

The jetStamp 970 Graphic and MP version are the most versatile handheld printers REINER offer, combining all of the functions of previous models plus having the ability to print any graphic onto nearly any material. They are the perfect addition to your business.

Used for printing logos, batch codes, best before dates, live times, automatic numbering and much more including barcodes and QR codes.

This handheld printer is capable of printing onto flat or uneven surfaces and with the correct ink installed, it is suitable for non-porous surfaces such as plastic, metal or glass packaging and using standard ink, the 970 will print your boxes and envelopes too. It prints almost any font imaginable.

Handheld and battery operated this range is fully portable, and stores 4 different print images at one time, with a minimum of 1,000 prints per full battery charge or alternatively, plug the 970 into the “mains” and print all day long meaning you can print on to a product, paperwork, box, and dispatch note quickly and easily.

The REINER jetStamp 970 Graphic can be programmed via Bluetooth and can be either battery operated or for those really big jobs, you can use mains power. Depending on the substrate that you want to mark, you can use the standard ink cartridge for absorbent surfaces or the MP3 cartridge for non-absorbent surfaces.

What advantages are there for you?

  • Print area of up to 12.7mm (max) by 65.0mm
  • Stores up to 4 print images
  • Able to print barcodes and graphics
  • Prints up to 3mm from object surface
  • Programmed via USB or Bluetooth
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • MP Ink compatible, allowing printing on non-absorbent surfaces
  • Weight 520g

Sample print