High demands – whether in heat or cold, in water or on land

Perfect marking on plastic

When high reliability and maintenance-freedom are required for the most extreme operating conditions, specialists are needed!

BK – Kunstoffe Bernau GmbH has well founded know-how in the area of carrier materials and resin systems for solutions of duroplastic materials. Classical technical applications with composite material were expanded by many application-specific and modified new developments. Designed Advanced Composites “made in Bernau”! Some parts – such as highly stressed plain bearing materials – have been working reliably in customer machines and plants for decades. No matter the temperatures, whether in water, on land or in the air: Several systems with plain bearings using a special material by BK have been implemented now world-wide. In order to ensure a long service life, materials must work as interference- and maintenance-free as possible. Since these systems are also subject to enormous stress, they are the ideal environment for duroplastic plain bearing materials from Bernau.

Many variants and flexible processes with continuous documentation

Designers of machine and plant construction value the many options of composites. No matter if individual or serial production – an optimal finishing processing for each product is developed. Innumerable work processes are applied to this, requiring complete documentation during the order and marking for trackability of the parts. These framework conditions in turn are the perfect area for the use of REINER 940!

Quick and efficient

REINER 940 is the mobile Inkjet printer with the products and packaging’s can be marked quickly and easily. In addition to numbers, dates, times and text, it can also print graphics and barcodes. Four imprints are saved directly in the REINER 940 and available to the users in the workplace. Many other customer- and item-specific imprints have been prepared already and will be transmitted to the marking unit according to the work plans using USB or Bluetooth. When the REINER 940 is logged on to the network as a printer, print orders can be sent to the mobile Inkjet printer directly from the goods management system via the corresponding interface.

Successful cooperation in internal processes

A special solution for labelling high-quality parts with the REINER 940 showed that BK has reliable and innovative employees. Directly applied imprints are clearly legible on geometrically demanding or curved parts, but their position and course were not yet living up to their own standards. The employees simply prepared a few templates with a “stop”. The REINER 940 is thus able to follow the course of the guide and apply the prints in the perfect position and shape.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Direct printing of customer- and part-specific information on the product
  • Optimal adhesion of the quick-drying ink P3-MP3 on many different materials
  • Necessary data – even for frequently changing orders – are always at hand
  • Continuity in the marking hardware thanks to a solution with templates
  • Combination of ecology and efficiency