Highest grade marking

In the Maya coffee manufacture

More and more people discover the importance of what we consume. The skill of manufacturers is valued more than ever. Researchers this not as a trend but as an understanding of necessity. Richard Galbavy with his team at coffee roaster Maya Kaffee 1991 in Hamburg’s Hammerbrook quarter also shows that they are changing the way they think: “We sell a premium coffee that has been manually refined to bring joy to everyone. “Everyone” includes the coffee farmers in Central America. the environment and, most of all, the customers who post with great enthusiasm on Facebook and Tripadvisor.

Two dates for the fine difference

To make people enthusiastic about their refined coffee, the Maya coffee producers are obligated to provide transparent food information as well. In their quality segment, marking expresses reliability and product safety – maybe even more so than everyone else. Everyone wants to know what they are drinking and for how long the product will keep. That applies even more to the top products. Maya Kaffee ingredients barely change. All bags, filled directly from a gas-powered drum roaster, contain 100 percent organic coffee; even the number of different roasts and regions of origins is limited. However, freshness is critical for coffee. Therefore, two pieces of information are of the essence: The filling date and best-before date.

No flow of material without a flow of information

The REINER jetStamp 790 will put a professional imprint onto the coffee bags placed next to the roaster right at the site of filling. A single movement of hand prints two dates onto the bags filled with beans still warm for roasting. Errors and virtually impossible in this process aligned with very small quantities and special offers. The filling and expiration dates are provided automatically by the mobile printer on site once it has been programmed. Since printing takes place right at the filling plant, bags cannot be mistaken. The process requires no interim storage or label printing, which are two typical error sources in such and similar processes.

Marking that grows along

The team of Maya Kaffee 1991 needed processes that could keep up with the company’s development. They found the marking options of the REINER jetStamp 790 MP early on, and it has remained the perfect solution for them to date. The quick printing process can still handle the increased volume quickly and easily. The successful coffee roasters believe that high-quality packaging marking also pay off in the end, as they contribute to the product’s value. It makes sure that the customers are happy in all areas. In our volatile and virtual times, that which is persistent, artful and manually produced is experiencing a true renaissance. With safe and properly sized marking, manufacturers consistently implement this individuality and high durability even in the packaging.

Special features at a glance: 

  • Individual imprint for very small volumes
  • Professional printing image
  • Programming possible right at the unit
  • Trust by direct printing