Solution for the uninterrupted supply chain

Who doesn‘t know them: The slim muesli boxes from mymuesli? The history of this company from Passau is a true story of success among the company founding’s of the last few years. The story started out with two rather simple-sounding prerequisites: Three student friends wanted to found a business together. The product behind it was to be something they were all invested in: They all loved muesli, and each of them had a favourite. The business idea was born: Customised organic muesli delivered to the customers‘ homes according to their own specifications.

During the first years, they still literally „dragged bags around“ and shipped out every box separately. Soon, these early processes were replaced by a thought through, high-performance logistics organisation. mymuesli now travels to its customers in outer boxes. In spite of high quantities, the company, whose name already reflects individuality, still offers the same diversity as during its founding days. Any mix is possible on the customer‘s request, no matter how small the quantity. However: It must remain recognisable clearly and unmistakably at all times.

The solution at the right size

The REINER 940 inkjet printer provides good and most of all customised services in this area. It can print the best-before date and the barcode directly and clearly structured on any of the practical packagings. The box is thus marked with an unmistakable reference to its item master data that is evident at a glance. The imprint directly on the box means that labels do not need to be printed and stuck on. This saves one work step.

Fast printing, fast drying

The outer packaging solution found with inkjet marking through the REINER 940 would be less perfect for mymuesli if it did not combine efficiency and ecology: The practical, lightweight boxes meet all requirements of the food industry. They can be recycled well as a mono material and delivered and then stored with best use of space on the loading platform and in the shelf. The REINER 940 unmistakably prints on the natural material with standard ink. The print is applied quickly, just as quick to dry and thus makes its own small contribution to the sustainable logics by mymuesli.

The special features at a glance:
• Detailed data from high print quality
• Clear information due to safe direct printing
• Economically efficient, properly sized solution
• Combination of ecology and efficiency