Many ticket types lead to Rome

Improved safety at train stations with ticket marking

Even though the number of incidents suggests differently, the perceived safety at train stations has deteriorated. There has long been a Europe-wide discussion about adding cameras and controls. The most common scenarios virtually turn train stations into airports. As it was starting to prepare for the global exhibition in 2015, Italian company Trenitalia was looking for a way to devalue the many different ticket types quickly and traceably. They were bought in several countries and based on very different tariffs. At the same time, the control code was to give only authorised persons access to specific zones in the train stations anymore.

Personal devaluation by a safety officer

The requirements to the devaluation print included date, time, the conductor’s personal code and a serial number. The REINER speed-i-Jet 798, which can be pulled across the ticket like a marker pen, gave the Italian state railway company the right solution for this large event. Thanks to the relevant experience in the area of innovation, Trenitalia was open to its use. After Milan, it has continued to use the speed-i-Jet 798 successfully in many other train stations in the country: from Florence to Rome to Naples.

Keeping an overview

The speed-i-Jet 798 is used in train station areas that are only cleared for passengers anymore for the reasons of safety. For example, the platform in Roma Termini can only be reached through a barrier where tickets are checked and marked. Only travellers with a ticket are let through; at very further control, the ticket reflects the path on which the passenger came to the train. One great benefit of the “printing pen” is its mobile usability on almost any kind of paper (porous base), no matter the formats and condition. As everywhere in the world, train tickets in Italy are sold in many different locations: from travel agencies, to service points, tourist information offices, to various vending machines. Even supermarket chains have campaigns with cheap railways princes there.

The good feeling of safety

Thanks to the clear coding of train tickets with the speed-i-Jet 798, not only the officers keep an overview of the paths and use of issued tickets. The travelers also have additional assurance that they are traveling at the right tariff. The marking solution was introduced together with Villa L. & Figlio Srl before the Expo in Milan, even before the newly constructed trade fair train station Rho Fiera was opened. Once established quickly and flexibly for exceptional situations, the speed-i-Jet 798 developed into standard equipment of the Italian railway for everyday situations as well. Trenitalia specifically commits to continuous further development of services and processes. Thanks to personal subsequent control, the subjective safety perception of the railway passengers has increased now.

Success for railway company and customers

The satisfaction with the unobtrusive little solution also comes from international customers not needing language or special knowledge for the proper devaluation of their tickets. The most attractive aspect for the operator is the option of tracking ticket paths directly with a unique code. In addition to safety aspects, it would lose high amounts due to incorrectly purchased tickets. This is often caused by bad customer information or defective devaluation machines Trenitalia successfully got a grip on both of these with the REINER speed-i-Jet 798 – and thanks to its competent service staff!

The benefits at a glance:

  • Quick application, always ready for printing
  • Flexible placement of the print
  • Slim and mobile, can be used anywhere
  • Protection from manipulation at the device
  • Up to 40 characters per line