REINER jetStamp 990

The REINER jetStamp 990

The small and fast one

The REINER jetStamp 990 is characterised by its speed and ease of use due to its compact size.

Although the smallest of the The jetStamp family, the REINER jetStamp 990, like all models within the series, provide great solutions and an opportunity to optimise production. It is capable of printing onto flat and uneven surfaces, and with the correct ink inserted will also be suitable for porous and non-porous materials making them perfect for printing on to curved metal, plastic packaging, glass and bubble wrap.

Possible applications: automatic numbering, printing batch codes, custom text, and live date and time capability for example “best before” and “produced on” dates.

The jetStamp 990 has a generous capacity with its memory options – up to 25 custom prints, including special functions can be stored in the device.  And with the option of using it as a handheld printer via the mains or battery, allowing complete integration into your production – it really is the ultimate in flexible printing.

What advantages are there for you?

  • Up to 2 lines of print
  • Character size 3.2mm
  • Up to 20 characters per line
  • Works with 4 different ink cartridges: Standard for porous surfaces, MP2 for metal & plastic, MP4 for glass, and MP6 yellow ink for glass.
  • Unique self-traversing print head
  • Storage capacity of up to 25 custom texts
  • Programmable via USB or Bluetooth
  • Production integration options
  • LCD dispaly
  • Weight 520g

Sample prints

  1.    Sample Imprint