Marasu’s Petits Fours


Marasu’s Petits Fours was founded in 1987 by two experienced patissiers in London. Their aim was to deliver carefully prepared, unique chocolate products in different shapes, sizes, and flavours. Apart from providing delicious and appetizing sweets, they had to ensure that they gave an exceptional service and goods were distributed in a quick, organised and efficient manner. Long experience of manufacturing confectionery facilitated becoming one of the leaders and largest producers of premium chocolates in London. Right now the company supplies their products to connoisseurs all over the UK and beyond.


Since the very moment of establishing the company, Marasu’s Petits Fours has developed a well-balanced business model and entered markets all over the world. One of the natural steps within this process was introducing the brand to Middle Eastern countries. The owners needed a solution for their merchandise to be marked in such a way as to give it complete traceability, enabling them to sell it in regions with very strict regulations. Thanks to the use of the REINER jetStamp MP, they were able to comply with those regulations without investing in expensive and complex “in-line” systems.


In most countries including some Middle Eastern markets, it is a requirement that all goods should have a print placed directly onto each individual product. This is to prevent fraud and unethical practice. Sticky labels are not allowed, as they can be easily removed and easily replicated, something which is far more difficult with a directly printed packet. These laws can force producers to place information about the country of origin, batch numbers, the production and use-by dates – all of which are made much more difficult to falsify with the use of REINER handheld inkjet printers.


Since every item is lovingly created by a small team of people, the limited production runs from a few hundred to a couple of thousand being made each day. In such circumstances, a regular inline printing system would not be suitable for the customer. The REINER jetStamp 990 machines which were used enabled the printing of production dates, batch numbers and best before dates – which in turn allows the stock marked by these devices to be packed, stored and despatched in date order, a process essential when dealing with time-sensitive goods. Thanks to the use of these jetStamps, the company was able to conform easily to its need for security and identification throughout the whole chain from manufacture and distribution, right to the connoisseurs who enjoy the chocolate.

Special features at a glance: 

  • Direct package printing
  • Meet strict labelling regulations
  • Perfect for smaller volumes


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