Made in Germany

  • custom stamp with automatic numbering function and manual revolving dates
  • hand-built to order
  • features 6 4mm digits
  • made from die-cast zinc
  • lightweight, fast, reliable
  • supplied with a REINER black ink pad.

4mm 6 digit automatic numbering stamp, with manual date and custom text

REINER DN53a automatic numbering stamps are manufactured and hand-built in Germany to ensure the highest quality and standards.

This stamp features 6 rotating digit wheels, along side a revolvable date and your own custom text which prints quickly and effortlessly onto your documents. The numbers rotate automatically after each impression is made making easy work of numbering all of your paperwork. You can also set the stamp to repeat numbers up to 6 times before automatically moving onto the next consecutive number – ideal for batch stamping or stamping onto documents with duplicate copies.

The casing and wheels are made from high-quality die-cast zinc - manufactured and assembled in Germany, these heavy duty hand stamps are great for warehouse and production departments and will also fit into any office environment.

Custom text

Each REINER DN53a features a custom text plate crafted with precision from Germany.  The text plate is made from engraved brass to ensure top-quality and longevity.

The maximum print area is 50x30mm with space in the middle for the automatic rotating digits and date.  Customisation is personal to you and your business, it can feature text, logos, borders, grids, or a combination.  We will work with you to design and create your very own custom stamp.

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Sample prints

Not to scale

Key features:

  • Hand-built to order
  • Compact and sturdy stamp. Made from die-cast zinc, this machine is heavy duty, light weight and built to last.
  • Fast, reliable and effortless printing.
  • 6 numbering wheels enable you to print from 1 to 999999.
  • Duplicate action allows you to stamp the same number up to 6 times before moving on to the next number.
  • Date bands are rotated by hand
  • Custom text plate made from brass for quality and longevity
  • Maximum impression size is 50x30mm giving you plenty of space for your own text
  • Machine weighs 610g.
  • Ink pads are easily replaced and additional pads are available to buy separately.

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