Let us answer our most frequently asked questions...

How do I know which printer and ink I need to buy?

As everyone’s needs are different, and packaging materials can vary greatly, we offer our free test printing service, which enables us to assess your exact business needs and goals, and fit the most suitable solution to your business. Please complete our ‘request a test print’ form and we will be in touch to advise you on which printers and inks will work best – once we have the information required we will  encourage you to send us some samples for test printing for your peace of mind.

I need a handheld printer that can be carried around with me whilst I work, is that possible?

One of the great things about our REINER handheld inkjets is that we have battery operated versions available in most models, giving you greater flexibility while you work. Simply charge up your printer and then you can be fully mobile for 1000 prints or more.

Could I have my handheld inkjet printer fitted into a production like if my production grows in the future?

We hope that when you invest one of our printers, we are helping you to grow your business for the future! Therefore we will fit the right printer to your future goals as well as your current situation – ensuring greater value for money.  Should your needs change, we are here to advise you on how your handheld inkjet can be fitted into a production line where necessary, depending on the machine you have.

Can I print onto shiny or non-porous surfaces?

This will depend on the printer you have, and the type of surface you wish to print on. We have a variety of inks which when paired with the correct printer for your needs, can print onto plastic, metal and glass. If you would like us to advise you and even produce some test prints on your products please contact us via the request a test print questionnaire (the more information you give us about what you would like to achieve, the better we can advise you).

How many prints can I get from one cartridge?

This will depend on many variables including text size, type, the printer and ink you are using. Some of our printers will give you an estimate of how many prints you will get out of a full cartridge per design which could be anything from 1,000 to 300,000. We will be able to advise you of the estimated number of prints once we have more information from you on what and how you will be printing.

Can I secure the information stored in my inkjet printer so that it can't be changed without my knowledge?

While most of our machines will need to be updated via a PC or laptop thus ensuring a basic level of security, the level of security will vary from one inkjet printer to another. Please contact us to discuss how we can protect your coding and marking from misuse by using passwords.

Can I print directly onto food using an inkjet printer?

None of our inks are currently “food safe” for printing DIRECTLY onto food, with the exception of eggs, please advise us of your requirements and where necessary we can work with you and our suppliers to find a solution.

Can I print a live time and date?

It is possible to print live times and dates, including times and dates in the future.

Can I print automatic sequential numbers?

Our equipment provides automatic numbering both ascending and descending, between number ranges and in multiples. Let us know more about your requirements and we can advise you on the capabilities of the most suitable handheld inkjet.

Do I have to clean my printer after every use?

While best practice would suggest you get into a routine of taking your cartridge out when you are not using some of our handheld inkjets, there is no requirement for you to clean your printer after use or invest in expensive cleaning products.

What if I use non-rechargeable batteries?

NEVER use non rechargeable batteries in any of your REINER printers, although they may work for an initial period they are not the correct battery for these products and will cause your printer to fail and invalidate your warranty. We always recommend using the REINER batteries where possible as these are prepared for use before dispatch, ensuring they will hold a full charge for the optimum period of time. If you are unsure of how to replace your batteries or which batteries to purchase please contact us and we would be happy to advise you.

Can I use MP ink in a standard printer?

NO you cannot, although they may look similar, the way they work is different. We would recommend that if you are unsure to please get in touch – if you use the wrong ink in a printer which is not designed to take that type of ink you will cause the printer to malfunction, and this will invalidate your warranty.

Are there any additional costs?

Once you have your REINER handheld inkjet there are no ongoing costs for servicing or support. Our printers are self-cleaning and as long as they are maintained in line with the guidance provided you also have the assurance one year’s warranty. The only additional costs you will have are consumables such as ink cartridges.

Is support included?

Yes, we offer aftercare and training for our customers.  Please call us on 0121 622 8900 or e-mail us should you need any further help or advice.